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Spice Telecom despre noi

Spice Telecom is an IT & C company certified by ANCOM Romania (National Authority for Communications Administration and Regulation) and ANRCETI Moldova (National Authority for Electronic Communications and Information Technology Regulation) as an authorized supplier of network and electronic communication services in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in IT & C and specializes in supplying landline phone services, wholesale, call-center solutions, data transport, internet access and IT outsourcing.

Spice Telecom offers wholesale services based on both VoIP and TDM technology, owning a solid infrastructure and direct interconnections with national acknowledged operators from Romania and also with international operators based in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America.

As an integrator of value-added services, Spice Telecom provides optimal and reliable solutions for various applications like call center, interactive voice response (IVR), micropayments or SMS payments, televoting and mobile marketing to its partners.

For its Romanian retail customers, Spice Telecom provides complete landline and mobile telephone services at competitive rates, for national and international calls alike.

Spice Telecom Overview


Spice Telecom despre noi

Internet access

Optical fiber

The most reliable technology for data transport. The extremely small latency and the supplied bandwidth will guarantee you quad speed, pages will load at once and file transfers will only take a few seconds, regardless of how many computers online you have.

All you have to do is to pick from our packages the one that best suits your business and discover the advantages of optical fiber internet access with guaranteed speed:

75 euro
  • Guaranteed Internet Access - 20Mb/s

  • Maximum Internet Access - 50Mb/s

  • Metropolitan Access - 100Mb/s

  • Hosting for your Domain - 5GB

150 euro
  • Guaranteed Internet Access - 50Mb/s

  • Maximum Internet Access - 80Mb/s

  • Metropolitan Access - 100Mb/s

  • Hosting for your Domain - 10GB

300 euro
  • Guaranteed Internet Access - 120Mb/s

  • Maximum Internet Access - 150Mb/s

  • Metropolitan Access - 1000Mb/s

  • Hosting for your Domain - 25GB


Radio internet solutions are an alternative to optical fiber or ADSL connections, making possible telecommunications services in places without terrestrial infrastructure.

Wimax 4G

Wimax 4G internet is a business solution that offers flexibility, higher transfer speeds than 3G technology and small costs for the end client. Setting up this service is offered free of charge, and the client is able to test its functionality before signing-up for this type of package.

Data Transport Layer 2

Data transport services are aimed at companies with multiple offices located in various geographical areas. This kind of network allows for secure data transport (documents, CRM, ERP, VoIP services, video calls and video conferences) using private IP classes, along with a development of policies de prioritizare a serviciilor that are important to any company (voice calls, video and video conferences).

Data Transport Layer 3

Data Transport Layer 3 services are aimed at companies with multiple offices located in various geographical areas which require non-stop data transfer. The secure network employs a VPN-type structure, allowing for private IP classes, typical of each particular office (documents, CRM, ERP, VoIP services, video calls and video conferences). This service only requires for the client to assign IP classes for each particular address. It's an alternative which preserves most of the Layer 2 data connexion benefits, for a smaller fee.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

An ever-growing need to interconnect offices from various geographical areas, for big companies and for medium and small ones alike, has brought providers to build up various virtual private networking type solutions. Building private networks over internet is a cost-effective method when it comes to interconnect all of the addresses. Every client's office will thus be able to communicate with all his other offices.


Spice Telecom despre noi

Digital Phone Lines


Two simultaneous phone calls and/or data transmission calls, with speed varying from 64 kbps to 128 kbps


Using these types of telephone lines allows for 30 simultaneous phone conversations and/or data transmission calls, with speed varying from 64 kbps to 2048 kbps

Analog phone lines

Analog phone lines are intended for small and medium companies that need up to 8 simultaneous phone conversations, being a cost-effective method capable of achieving a quality level similar to digital phone lines

VoIP (Voice over IP)

IP Tel

This service requires installing an internet connexion at the client's office and supplying the client with a username and a password for each and every account (machine/ PC where a Softphone is installed). Thus the client will be able to call any Romanian landline network interconnected with Romtelecom, all Romanian mobile networks and also all international mobile and landlines. An unique phone number for every IP Tel service gets assigned to the client, from the operator's own numbering plan granted by ANRCTI.

The number of simultaneous calls per account is not restricted by the operator and only depends on the client's Softphone/machine. This service allows incoming phone calls from any Romtelecom, Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania, Telemobil or Cosmote Romania client plus any other Romanian landline communications network clients according to the complete list available on www.SpiceTelecom.net. The service also allows incoming phone calls from every client of an international network (landline or mobile), as long as that network is providing international calls services to all other international networks, Spice Telecom included.

See more details on www.flexitel.ro or www.flexitel.md

IP Tel Trunk

This service requires installing an internet connexion at the client's office and supplying the client (who has a Voip soft switch telephone office) with an IP required to login to the operator's Voip platform. The client will thus be able to call any Romanian landline network interconnected with Romtelecom, all Romanian mobile networks and all international mobile and landlines. He will be assigned, by demand, a number of DDI's (multiple of 10), from the operator's own numbering plan granted by ANRCTI, together with a number of voice channels, depending on the required number of simultaneous calls.

The service allows incoming calls from any Romtelecom, Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania, Telemobil and Cosmote Romania client plus any other Romanian landline communications network clients according to the complete list available on www.SpiceTelecom.net. The service also allows incoming phone calls from every client of an international network (landline or mobile), as long as that network is providing international calls services to all other international networks, Spice Telecom included.

Virtual telephone office VoIP PBX


Carrier Selection Code (CSC) service, allowing calls from Romtelecom landline network to mobile and international networks, at significantly lower fees than those perceived by Romtelecom.

Premium rate numbers

We have been granted by ANCOM the following Premium Rate numbers:

  • 0900.600.XXX
  • 0903.300.XXX
  • 0906.700.XXX

For all VAS (Value Added Services) operators we provide Premium Rate phone lines available in all major landline and mobile networks. Our partners get significant savings in monthly fees as well as when it comes to investing in the required VAS platform.

Examples of additional tax services: live or recorded songs by request (IVR), IT advice, additional tax news and information, IVR micropayments, IVR interactive games, chat, flirtline, tarot, astrology, adult entertainment.

Greenline green numbers

For professional Customer Services we suggest Free Access for callers phone lines.

You will be thus closer to your customers and you'll get a wider information flow generated by potential customers from all over the country.

IVR – Interactive voice response

It's the service that allows automatic interaction during a phone call, using tones emitted by pressing the phone keys. In contact center industry, IVR systems are often used for lines that manage a large number of calls.

IVR for data gathering

When the service is designed to gather data from clients, an IVR structure without operators will bring down the costs for the company and will generate complex reports based on this data. This service is useful for automatic reading of utilities' counters or for promotional campaigns where the clients need to validate some codes.

IVR for contact center

We are able to record IVR messages, as well as to manage an IVR structure for redirecting the calls to various other phone numbers, depending on your working hours schedule, if your call center solution does not provide these functions.

The IVR service can also be used for: votes and surveys, information services, contests, chat, voice mail. Access is granted with normal or short numbers for every kind of rates: free, normal or premium.

Telephone packages

Test our telephone packages:

2 euro
  • Spice Telecom and Flexitel - FREE

  • Romania landlines - 0.012 euro/min

  • Romania mobile - 0.016 euro/min

  • International landlines - 0.017 euro/min

  • International mobile - 0.037 euro/min

4 euro
  • Spice Telecom and Flexitel - FREE

  • Romania landlines - 0.01 euro/min

  • Romania mobile - 0.015 euro/min

  • International landlines - 0.015 euro/min

  • International mobile - 0.035 euro/min

The price of calls will be deducted from the monthly subscription. Charging is made based on a whole minute. See HERE the complete list of prices.


You change your phone provider but keep your phone number.

Since October 21st 2008, all Romanian phone operators (landline or mobile) have been providing phone number portability services to their clients. This service allows users to keep their phone number when they change their telephone services provider.

If you become a SPICE TELECOM client, your number will be transfered free of charge in the SPICE TELECOM network in maximum 3 working days from the date you request it in any SPICE TELECOM center. We will contact you 24 hours before transfer day.

Phone numbers may be ported only landline to landline or mobile to mobile:

  • national landline numbers allocated to a particular geographical area, like 02xxxxxxxx si 03xxxxxxxx;
  • location-independent landline numbers like 03xxxxxxxx;
  • location-independent mobile numbers like 07xxxxxxxx;
  • regardless of the payment method (before or after using the service);
  • national non-geographical numbers like 08xxxxxxxx for various services (for instance: 0800, 0801, 0802, 0803) or 09xxxxxxxx for premium rate services.

Portability of landline to mobile networks or mobile to landline is not possible. National landline geographical numbers will only be ported in that same geographical area, that is the same county or inside the city of Bucharest.

Interconnection fees

As per ANCOM's Decision nr.362/2014, Spice Telecom is publishing the fees for the services related to interconnection inside Spice Telecom network. General fees demanded by Spice Telecom for inside network calls are: - 0.14 eurocents/minute (excl. TVA).

Switches that allow interconnection with Spice Telecom network:

  • SPIC1 - BUH – NxData1 - Str. Dimitrie Pompeiu nr. 8, cladirea Feper, etaj 3, Bucharest, sector 2, CP 020337
  • SPIC2 - BUH – NxData2 - Str. Dimitrie Pompei nr. 6A, sector 2, Bucharest, sector 2, CP 020337


Spice Telecom despre noi

Micropayment – SMS Payments

Services that allow SMS taxation:

  • access to site and content
  • ad publishing and commercials payment
  • buy, sell and service providing
  • subscribe to newspapers or various services
  • parking and transportation payments
  • songs by request

Examples of micropayment SMS services: SMS micropayment subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and various services; SMS payment of bills and utilities; SMS membership tax; SMS micropayments for IT or legal advice; SMS micropayments for various stuff/services; SMS parking micropayments; SMS micropayments for software licences, including games; SMS micropayments for displaying ads.


One of the safest methods of vote counting, that eliminates the possibility of multiple votes by proxy or via several e-mail addresses beloging to the same user, is televoting. It can be done by phone call and by SMS alike, folosind o gama de tarife variate (apel gratuit, tarif normal, tarif cu supra taxa).

Taking up and displaying messages

Taking up messages sent by sms and displaying them live on TV. We provide o solutie integrated with Facebook, Twitter etc which allows taking up messages sent by SMS or via the Facebook, Twitter etc account and displaying them online or offline through a customized graphic interface.

SMS Games

Various single player or multi player, different types of games: quizz, sports, quests etc

Available via normal or premium rate numbers.

SMS Surveys

Surveys can be created either by means of a SMS push campaign, or as an addition to a traditional communications campaign and involve sending questions with multiple answers by SMS and gathering up users' answers also by SMS.

Available via normal or premium rate numbers.

Mobile marketing

Services for promotional campaigns by SMS include:

  • Commercial messages or notices during SMS campaigns and SMS contests at best prices
  • Campaign management and online reports
  • Setting up and autentification of campaign regulations
  • Creating a telemarketing script
  • Extraction using a random electronically secured algorythm, with or without an attorney present
  • Short numbers with normal rates
  • Standard or customized SMS transmission
  • SMS surveys
  • SMS application software
  • Database management
  • Call center - Info Line
  • Web-hosting for campaign site

All of these services can be customized and taylored to each customer's needs.

Call center

Spice Telecom despre noi

Call-center solutions

SpiceTelecom services related to Call-centers are a trustworthy solution that brings forward a series of benefits:

  • Guaranteed consistency of services, through reliable technical solutions

    Since our services are exclusively provided through digital telephone lines, our clients are protected against disruptive elements which affect communications exploiting VoIP (various attacks, floods etc).

  • Pristine sound quality guaranteed by TDM technology

    For inbound, outbound or mixed operations, sound quality is the number 1 atribute. What matters most for a Call Center to be succesful is SA SE AUDA BINE with a consistent sound quality during the call: no delays, fragmentations or echoes should hinder the conversation. SpiceTelecom guarantees all these.

  • Free Customer Service, available 24/7

    Our Customer Service department este la dispozitia clientilor nostri in permanenta si rezolva cu operativitate problemele semnalate de clienti. In cazul in care nu puteti contacta o anumita destinatie internationala sau daca nu sunteti multumiti de calitatea unui apel, avem 5-6 rute internationale alternative prin care putem trimite apelurile dvs catre destinatia solicitata.

And because your performance matters to us, we guarantee:

  • Minimal call setup time

    Solutia propusa de SpiceTelecom raspunde necesitatilor de eficienta ale unui Call Center prin optimizarea timpilor necesari pentru initializarea de apeluri simultane, oferind capacitate suficient de mare care sa poata gestiona un numar foarte mare de apeluri/minut.

  • Pay-per-second from the first second

    In acest fel controlati costurile cu mare acuratete, pentru ca nu platiti decat STRICT ceea ce consumati.Multe apeluri de telesales dureaza numai 15-20 de secunde si prin acest mod de tarifare noi va ajutam sa nu va creasca in mod artificial nivelul costurilor.

  • Extremely competitive rates

    Avand propriile noastre interconectari cu marii operatori internationali de telefonie, putem oferi tarife extrem de competitive. Astfel, pentru volume suficient de mari de convorbiri, costul unui apel catre retelele fixe di Europa de Vest, SUA si Canada poate ajunge la un nivel foarte apropiat de costul unui apel din Bucuresti la Brasov.

Inbound Call Center Services

Serviciul de call center inbound presupune preluarea apelurilor clientilor dumneavoastra intr-o maniera profesionista de catre agenti bine instruiti, gata sa aduca satisfactie in procesul de comunicare cu clientii companiei dumneavoastra. Performanta serviciului de preluare a apelurilor este determinata de durate mici de asteptare pana la preluarea de catre agentul de call center, rezolvarea solicitarii clientului de la prima interactiune si bineinteles de un dialog orientat catre clienti si catre nevoile particulare ale acestora.


Serviciul Infoline va permite sa oferiti informatii actualizate despre serviciile companiei dumneavoastra, despre promotiile sau programele pe care le dezvoltati si totodata va permite sa evaluati succesul actiunilor pe care le intreprindeti. Va punem la dispozitie o echipa de reprezentanti special instruiti care preiau apelurile clientilor si raspund intrebarilor acestora legate de produsele si serviciile dumneavoastra. Serviciul poate fi activat pe oricare din canalele de comunicare.

Taking orders

Preluam, prin canalele de comunicare agreate, cererile de achizitie venite din partea clientilor existenti si a celor potentiali. Punem la dispozitia companiei dumneavoastra operatori cu experienta dovedita in eCommerce, teleshopping si direct mailing, in programul de lucru dorit si cu disponibilitate 24 / 7. Prin serviciul preluare comenzi cresteti numarul si valoarea comenzilor procesate si finalizate, castigand clienti pe termen lung.

Customer Support

Cu serviciul Customer Support va ajutam sa consolidati pe termen lung relatia cu clientii dumneavoastra. Pe langa rezolvarea solicitarilor de suport si asistenta sau preluarea si solutionarea reclamatiilor, va punem la dispozitie solutii prin care sa cunoasteti in permanenta opinia clientilor si astfel sa le anticipati dorintele si nevoile. Serviciul poate beneficia de suportul multiplelor canale de comunicare in functie de specificul afacerii si nevoile clientilor dumneavoastra.

Outbound Call Center Services

Telemarketing & Telesales

Telephone Surveys

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Payment Reminder

Loyalty & Retention

Mystery Shopping


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Piața Montreal, nr. 10, World Trade Center (WTC)
Intrarea F, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 370 700 700
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Email: office@spicetelecom.net

Republic of Moldova

Str. Grădina Botanică, 14/3, ap. 307, MD-2032,
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Phone: + 373 30 300 300
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